Monday, October 8, 2012



as we've always done, we waited for 12mn

ma looked more excited

one of the advantages of technology is being together despite the distance

ma just bought a roll for candle blowing

cooked myself a birthday breakfast (scrambled eggs with cheese and mushrooms)

card and tokens from da and ma (the cash inside was really exciting and unexpected)

another gift from da and ma which ma herself set up

lunch @ a taste of l.a., tomas morato

happily surprised when tita mimi and ching came

ultra thin garlic and three cheese pizza and garlic lamb pizza

the garlic lamb pizza was so good we just had to order another

tissa surprised me with a big birthday cake

this one is reminiscent of how tad and i used to play lego together



dinner at home (oro1)


carrot cake from the villaramas

with tito fabs and his classic pose and tito aldo

ching talking to da via skype

with ya

from laurie

from miel

from the pagaduans

another happy birthday!

more birthday pictures here

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