Sunday, December 1, 2013

debut single

Here's the final cover art I did for Dragonfly Collector's debut single
'There Is No Remaining In Place'.

Click the link below on how to get the single for free or better yet, buy the single and help the typhoon Yolanda survivors.

Dragonfly Collector is the solo project of Clem Castro (Orange & Lemons / The Camerawalls).

Visit the official website here.
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I've been illustrating for Clem Castro's (Orange & Lemons / The Camerawalls) solo project
as Dragonfly Collector for the past couple of weeks. Here's a set of teasers for his single
'There Is No Remaining In Place' which launched today Dec. 1.


Single cover art snippets from Dragonfly Collector's official website.
 I'll be posting the final cover art next. Stay tuned.