Friday, June 8, 2012

for tito chito

Months after tito Chito’s unexpected passing away last November, (it still doesn’t seem real, it still doesn’t feel right) at the young age of 59, tita Mimi gave me one of his watches as a memento. I would have used it but sadly, the watch has stopped working even with a change of battery. Not wanting to just keep it anywhere, I thought of having it hanged in a frame made especially for it. It will serve as a remembrance of my tito Chito. Tita Mimi liked the idea and thought it would be nice to house most of tito Chito’s personal effects too in a little cabinet and trusted me to have this done.

I felt happy being able to do something for tito Chito and for tita Mimi as well. While I designed this based on the things that tita Mimi wanted kept there, it was a trusted carpenter who executed my design.
I was happy with the outcome and happier still because Tita Mimi liked it.

May 27 of this year during tito Chito’s 60th birthday party,
 I gave this to tita mimi as my present for tito chito.

Happy Birthday tito chito!
I hope my little gift will make you smile from that forever land we call heaven.

PS. No need to say this but I just want it said. I will always remember...

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