Sunday, April 29, 2012

calatagan weekend with the villaramas

The heat was still on in Calatagan but we had the beach and the pool to cool off. Mighty big difference as I'm sure everybody will agree. Good food, nice place and great company with Laurie and the Villaramas. What more can you ask.

tita wennie & laurie

tita's award winning nilasing na hipon sa royal with garlic (and butter?)


weapon of choice, fan + atomizer

more sunblock for miel

cabana (with laurie and binkee)

tito benjo scooped up a sea urchin from his low-tide adventure.
he knows the harmful from the not. nerd power!

paparazzi shot! haha.
laurie set-up our tent with minimal help

a very close encounter

grill queen

good morning little boy


past meets present

 miel with 'papa' benjo and 'mama' wennie






another one

 going home

more calatagan pictures here.

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